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What if we want more wine?

We also offer Anja Lee Wine that comes in normal sized bottles of wine. We have a White Blend, Rosé of Syrah, Pinot Noir (Chef Anja Lee’s favorite!) and Cabernet Sauvignon / Barbera Blend.

What size wine comes in the wine tasting kits?

We send 3 different professionally bottled wines, each in 6oz bottles (they look like the wine bottles that you get on the airplane!). These bottles include an Albarino, Carignon, and a Tempranillo Blend - all boutique, West Coast crafted, sustainably grown, and organic wines!

Are the cheeses included in the kit unpasteurized?

Goat Gouda - pasteurized Comté - unpasteurized Cow Gouda - unpasteurized

Does the cheeseboard component for both wine and cocktail tasting contain the same contents?

Yes, they are the same.

Is your minimum headcount flexible?

During busy times like the holidays, this is not flexible. However, you are welcome to book a class at our minimum headcount and then only have the number of people in your group “show-up”. You do not have to order the minimum headcount amount of kits, but the class instruction would be charged at this minimum.

Do you ship the wine and liquor?

At this time, we only have a license to ship wine. For our cocktail classes, you would provide the alcohol and we would provide everything else.

What is your most popular class?

Cheese and Wine Tasting - the wine and cheese are incredible!

Do you ship outside of California?

Yes we ship anywhere in the USA!

What carrier do you use to ship kits?

We primarily use UPS to ship kits, but when it makes sense, we use USPS as well.

Do you send cooking class kits?

Yes, we ship kits for cooking classes and our Cheese & Wine tastings. These include our All-Out Kits (include everything for class) as well as our Basics Kits (non-perishables only, budget-friendly option). You can choose which works best for your team, or choose to shop for your kits and book a “Class Only” (no kits).