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What happens if we want more wine?

In addition to the wine provided in our kits, we offer Anja Lee Wine that comes in normal-sized bottles. We have the following bottles:

  • White Blend
  • Rosé of Syrah
  • Pinot Noir (Chef Anja Lee’s favorite!)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon / Barbera Blend

What size wine comes in the wine tasting kits?

We send three different professionally bottled wines, each in 6oz bottles (using the finest bourbon-style bottles - but filled with wine). These bottles include a Verdelho-Sauvignon Blanc White Blend, Graciano, and Syrah - all boutique, West Coast crafted, sustainably grown, and organic wines!

Is your minimum headcount flexible?

Our minimum headcount is 12 people. You are welcome to book a class at our minimum headcount even if your headcount is less and then only have the number of people in your group "show-up". 

Do you ship the wine and liquor?

At this time, our partner wine-producer only has a license to ship wine. For our cocktail classes, you would provide the alcohol and we would provide everything else.

What is your most popular class?

Our most popular classes rotate with the season -- For Springtime and Easter, groups go wild for our Thai Green Curry, Primavera Pasta and Emerald City Fluid Art classes. In May, Cinco de Mayo Tacos are the star. Year-round, Pizza is a winner, as well as Cheese & Wine tasting - the wines are incredible!

Do you work with teams internationally?

YES! We are happy to work with anyone around the world who might like to take a class. Many of our clients include team members from different countries in the same class - since it is virtual! 

Do you send the cooking class kits?

As of June 2022, we no longer ship kits for our cooking classes. We found that companies are better off having their attendees provide their own ingredients (less waste, less variability with shipping, and a much lower cost). 

We STILL ship Wine Tasting kits and Fluid Art painting kits. 

For the cooking classes, we now offer a new service: We will help you by ordering Instacart gift cards for you, and then we will distribute them to your group via email. From there, everyone will have access to a shopping list for class ingredients that automatically upload to their Instacart! All they have to do is use their gift card to have the ingredients delivered to their doorstep. 

Some perks of this new structure, using shopping lists instead of ordering kits, include:

  • MUCH lower cost 
  • Attendees have the opportunity to select EXACTLY what they need, catering to their dietary restrictions
  • Less food waste: attendees can order only what they need and also use what they have in the refrigerator
  • Our Chefs can offer more fun and flexibility with instruction, catering to exactly what your group purchased at the store! (Instead of being constrained to the kits)
  • Your employees can add other fun ingredients to their food order to their liking (including meat with our vegetarian meals)
  • This is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option; less packaging and travel for each kit (and no travel needed to get your team together)

We appreciate your understanding with this change, and we guarantee you will have an even better experience! 

Are you able to personalize your classes? Should my company have a certain idea in mind for our team building event?

We would absolutely love to work with you to personalize the class to meet your company's needs! We offer options such as including ice breaker questions, topics you’d like the instructor to focus on, etc. 

Feel free to contact us with an idea in mind for class - you can see all of our most popular class options listed in our "Virtal Team Building Classes" page. Our event planning team is also happy to get to know you and help guide you to the perfect class for your group! We are also happy to design a menu that works for you - our Chefs are the best and can come up with new ideas for your group, too! 

Are we able to select who hosts our class?

Yes! You can notify us if you have a preference for a host for your class and we will do our best to accommodate this. We do charge extra to work with our celebrity Chef Anja Lee in comparison to our other chefs, but she’s happy to teach a class whenever she is able!

Do you have a subscription plan if my company is interested in additional classes?

Yes! Please reach out if you are interested as we are happy to offer a plan to you and your company!