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We strive to bring people together to have a blast around food, wine, events, and good company and we are always happy to work closely with your company for office-wide virtual events and conferences.

Anja Lee & Company can't wait to help you create an UNFORGETTABLE event! 

Book a time to meet with us (we will make it quick and easy - we promise!)  
OR send us an email to and we will reach out within a couple of hours.

Let's Chat


"Thank you Anja and Team! We love using you and your company for team events. Always a great time!!"

- Osiris, PINGER 4/13/2022

"The team is awesome! From start to finish they made it so easy to schedule our virtual wine and cheese tasting. It was a fun time during lockdown!"

- Katie, UPRAISE 4/25/2022

"Anja's team brought our team so much delight and connecting while we were all working remotely. The whole team is fast and detail-oriented, so getting our events set up was always easy and seamless. They are always a joy to interact with and the recipes are straightforward and full of "mmm"s from the team" 🙂

- Jesi, ALLSTRIPES 4/17/2022

"Wonderful and very receptive to work with and super friendly. Our people so enjoyed the event that we are planning another one very soon!!"

- Heather, JAMF 4/6/2022

"They accommodated all needs and wants. If there were any issues THEY supplied alternative options rather than me trying to figure it out."

- Ryan Asta, WASTE MANAGEMENT 4/6/2022

"Anja was engaging and encouraging. Our pizzas were delicious and the team had a great time being together outside of our normal environment."

- Evie, FANATICS 4/6/2022

"High-quality, interesting classes. Engaging and enjoyable hosts. Thoughtful packaging and instructions. Very, very reliable. We love supporting Anja Lee and her team, and we are incredibly appreciative of all their efforts in putting together great experiences during a time when it’s challenging to engage a group of people over a videoconference."

- Lee, 4/5/2022