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8 Wines I Love Under $23 each!

a bottle of wine

Here is a list of dreamy, somewhat exotic (but not hard to find) wines that I love, all priced under $23! If you'd like to check out a video of these bottles, see here

Sparkling Wine:

  • Crémant d’Alsace (Domaine Allimant Laugner) $23 - A Champagne-style sparkling wine, but less expensive because it isn’t made in the region of Champagne! This is smooth and dry, and is a go-to for me for all occasions!

White Wine:

  • Etna Bianco (Murgo) $18 - A light, dry and crisp wine with notes of citrus and flowers. It grows up high on the hillside of a Volcano in Sicily!

  • Macon Villages (Joseph Drouhin) $20 - A crisp, easy to drink Chardonnay (not buttery). Smooth and consistent straight from Burgundy, where the best Chardonnays are made!

Red Wine: 

  • Côtes du Rhone (Saint Cosme) $20 - my FAVORITE! These wines are always a good go-to. They follow strict laws to make sure that they are quality wines. Easy to drink medium-bodied red wine for anyone!

  • Tempranillo “Crianza” (Viña Cubrero) $15 - If you visit Northern Spain, this is the everyday drinker that you find in every bar and restaurant. It’s refreshing, interesting, and easy to drink. 

  • Nero d’Avola Sicilia (Zabù) $16 - For the Pinot Noir drinker that is sick of Pinots!

  • Rosso di Montalcino (Fanti) $20 - Great bang for your buck. Light to medium-bodied red that is always a crowd pleaser! It’s made next to the region of Brunello (famous) so it’s very similar without the price tag.

  • Valpolicella (Venturini) $17 - Medium-bodied specialty made in the region where Romeo and Juliette is based. A fun wine to find and try for a good price!

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