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Anja's List: The best wine for spring!

a woman holding a glass of wine

It’s that time of year when you pull out the picnic blanket, call a few friends, and head out to a favorite spot for some nibbly bits and a glass or two of a light, refreshing wine. Your feet may be feeling the grass for the first time in a long time, the air is a little bit brisk, and you feel that sense of anticipation for the beautiful season that is unfolding. But before you enter this joyful state, you are tasked with selecting the wine for the first picnic of the year. And this time you want to get it right. Really right. We’re here to help you with Anja’s favorite springtime wine list (that won’t break the bank). Get ready for notes of watermelon, herbs, and strawberries! 

Anja’s List:

  • Sparkling white or rosé: Crémant d'Alsace or a Crémant de Borgogne - Crémants are typically more affordable, but still a deluxe and high-quality wine. If you want a champagne-style refresher, but don't want to break the bank, opt for a crémant!

  • A crisp, dry rosé with notes of watermelon! Try SipSend's special edition Enviar Rosé. While affordable and can be shipped to your doorstep, it is a delectable sipper that gives you hints of herbs from the mountains while pairing perfectly with summer fresh fruits and soft cheeses.

  • Toulouse Pinot Noir - A hidden gem from the mountains of Anderson Valley, which leads out to the rustic Mendocino Coast of California, Toulouse is a personal favorite and staple in our home! The quality and consistency far exceed the price point, and the strawberry and earthy notes pair perfectly with a summer tomato bruschetta or a grilled veggie sandwich with prosciutto for your picnic! 

There you go! Three fantastic options. Let us know if you try any of these wines.