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Melt Your Valentine with these Wine & Cheese Pairings

a bunch of food sitting on a table

These wine & cheese combos will melt you with one bite - choose a few and share with your Valentine to delight! 

A dry sparkling white wine, such as a Cremant from the Jura Mountains or the Loire Valley, will be easier on your wallet and be a nice match for a goat gouda.

Sancerre is a Sauvignon Blanc white wine that goes well with a creamier cheese, such as Andante or Camembert. If you want to change it up, an apple cider also pairs well with this cheese! 

Beaujolais is a Gamay red wine that will make you smile when paired with a Swiss Gruyere. I could enjoy this all day long.

Burgundy red wine or a coastal pinot noir goes hand in hand with Comté from France. Comté is the most popular cheese in France, and for good reason! Everyone loves it. 

Chinon, a Cabernet France red wine, soothes the soul when paired with a gouda from Holland

Valpolicella red wine matches well with Manchego and Pecorino (in little bites). 

My absolute FAVORITE is pairing a sweeter Sancerre white wine with Roquefort or blue cheese. These two are a match made in heaven and get me giddy!