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What Sets Us Apart – our commitment to healthy foods that nourish the body

By Anja Lee Wittels

As a company full of passionate cooks and health-focused people, we strive to bring people together to be nourished by high-quality, healthy, satisfying, delicious and beautiful food. We want our bodies’ energy and vitality to be top priority and therefore we cook with whole, organic foods while avoiding irritants such as processed sugar, canola oil and wheat. 

When many companies say they cook “healthy” or “all-natural foods”, they still use conventional (non-organic) foods. They also slip in processed sugars, canola oil and other harmful ingredients. Even some of the most popular, “highest-quality” foods of the world include processed sugars and canola oil. Both of those food items are rejected by the human body and are either converted to unnecessary sugars (and fats!) in the body, or they become toxic to our organs.

Here at Anja Lee Catering, our dishes are made only with foods that are nourishing, healthy and contribute energy and vitality to the body. We never cook with processed foods, cane sugar, canola oil, all-purpose flour and anything else that might be irritating to the average body. Our food displays are beautiful because of the vibrant natural colors in the foods, not by unnatural additions to the plate such as food coloring, dyes or anything inedible.
We get to know our clients to make sure they are receiving food that makes them feel good. We work closely to ensure that the menu is perfect for their event, their dietary restrictions and any other important health and taste requirements are met and most of all, that it all tastes delicious!

We have a base menu which helps us start putting together ideas with them, but often write new menus and recipes that we feel would fit the client best. Often, clients enjoy a menu that no other client has experienced before! I love working with clients and making sure they receive what they want. In addition, we are happy to accommodate any allergies or food intolerances.

Our mission is also to help the planet’s health, which directly contributes to our bodies’ health. Therefore, we focus on using reused, recycled and compostable products. Our displays include natural woods and slates that encourage our clients to remember the importance of the Earth — where our food comes from. We also hope to make our clientele aware of limiting food waste, and that if there is any food waste, it will be donated to local food banks and charities. Food must not be thrown away - there are many others who may need it more than us!

And last but certainly not least, we have a team full of smiles! Our chefs love to cook, blast music in the kitchen, taste each other’s food and share the love in the kitchen all the way to the event. Often chefs in other companies work long hours, don’t meet the client, and make the same thing every day (which loses love in the food quickly!). Our chefs get to know the stories of the client and enjoy the experience of cooking for the client’s event from start to finish. Each event is unique in our eyes! This makes it a better experience for all. We are most happy and are ensured we did a good job when we see genuine smiles on our clients’ faces.