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When Impactful Brands Align with Dedicated Practices: Sustainability & Plant-Based on the Forefront

a tray full of food

Crafted by Kasia Grobelny with The Motherland Blog & Chef Anja Lee! 

(Nutty Seedy Matcha GF Crackers with Cumin Beet Purée & Thyme Carrot Purée)

The values of our company are reflected in the food we cook and the clients we work with. Our dedication to wholesome, high-quality ingredients and an emphasis on sustainability has been a mainstay of our business since day one. One of the best parts of our job is connecting with like-minded clients and businesses and getting to put on fantastic events that truly align with our core values. A recent event with Plantioxidants Natural Skin Care encapsulated all that and more. 

With the brand of the client in mind, we created an entire meal that was all organic and plant-based. Even though we do offer meat regularly in our meals, most of our menus are planned in a way where the meat and dairy products are an addition to the already standout plant dishes. Organic is always high priority on our menus.

(Golden Milk with Vegan Peppermint Chocolate Truffles & Raspberry Coulis)

We worked together closely with this company to design a menu that was full of superfoods and essential nutrients we all need. We included things like matcha, Yuzu, teff flour and other fun and exciting products that are starting to become popular (and are good for you!). We also made dishes like homemade seed crackers with buckwheat + teff flour and all sorts of seeds and nuts, used Miyokos vegan mozzarella for our eggplant tarte, bruschetta made of cumin spiced beet purée and thyme carrot purée, and much, much more. For sweet bites, everything was gluten-free! We made goji blueberry almond tartlettes, as well as vegan peppermint dark chocolate truffles with golden milk. If this sounds like quite the feast, it really was. But it gets even better. 

In addition to the delectable array of food, we wanted to implement our values of leading a more sustainable company and lifestyle. We used only products that we could reuse at the event including linen napkins (that are later washed and reused) and real glassware for the bar and to serve some of our appetizers. Though this may seem like a small thing, you’d be surprised at how much waste a typical catering event can produce. Doing our own small part in protecting the environment is something our company always strives to achieve and we loved doing it that night. 

(Saffron Vegetable Paella served in wine glasses with mini silver spoons)

Aligning ourselves with companies who share our vision is always a treat and this event in particular stood out due to the wonderful collaborators we had an opportunity to work with. The Shared Sip is run by a beautiful and incredibly creative woman named Christy. She always goes above and beyond with her cocktail making, creates beautiful garnish bars with all sorts of specialty items to put into your cocktails, along with herbs and flower ice cubes to decorate glasses. It was the perfect complement to the food we created and we can’t wait to work with her again in the future!

(Coconut Matcha Tequila Cocktail & Superfood Garnish Bar)

Foot of the Bed Cellars is run by two locals who make absolutely delicious wines from all sorts of small, local family vineyards that don’t always successfully sell all of their grapes but have the best of the best wines. They help eliminate tons of waste in the grape and wine world, which is what is needed most right now especially in times of water scarcity and land scarcity after the fires. They also offer sustainably grown wines, some of them organic, which are very important to nurturing our bodies but still enjoying ourselves and keeping our hearts happy. Their wines are made from a variety of interesting, unfamiliar grapes as well, such as Vermentino, Semillon and more. This is another company we were thrilled to collaborate with and are looking forward to working with again in the future. 

(Unique Chenin Blanc Blend from El Dorado County & Unusually light Malbec from Mendocino County)

Being in this industry, we are honored to be able to serve a wide variety of clients and be a part of unique events. We appreciate each and every experience, but this particular one — which blended our core values with those of both our clients and collaborators so well — felt extra special. It was an opportunity to be creative, attend an amazing event and pass out the food (which gives it a more personable approach). In addition, we got to be a part of promoting a brand we really like and support to a group of influencers who will spread the message of protecting our planet and our bodies even further. It was truly a win-win and we look forward to more collaborations of this kind!