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To guide your team and you on a unique culinary & artistic adventure through healthy and delicious food, wine, cocktails/mocktails and art with our virtual team building classes.

Our team is comprised of passionate artists, chefs and sommeliers who live for sharing the love of their art with others. We value healthy foods, high-quality ingredients, approachable recipes and friendly instruction. We've spent our lifetimes perfecting our craft of bringing loved ones together to celebrate unique flavors and make everyone feel included, no matter what dietary restrictions or personal preferences they might have!

We want to help you live and eat healthier, and feel excited about it! So, we also have created a Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club where we have a community of home cooks who want to learn new tricks in the kitchen to cook and live healthier and happier. We've enjoyed every minute with our club members and encourage you to join us!

- Anja Lee & Company