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a man preparing food in a kitchen

Chef Andrew Menard

Pizza, Risotto, Crepes & More Master Chef Instructor

Chef Andrew was born to teach cooking. Influenced by his mother - a TV show Chef since Andrew was young - he learned at a very early age that food is what brings people together. After earning his BA in Culinary Arts & Sustainability in Montpelier, Vermont, Chef Andrew moved to San Francisco to pursue his passion further. 

In San Francisco, he worked at critically acclaimed and award-winning restaurants, large catering companies, and eventually became a private chef for Apple Executives in Silicon Valley. In addition, he successfully founded and ran The Saucery, bringing hand-crafted delicious sauces to the local market. And finally, he began teaching classes with Anja Lee & Company - it's his favorite gig yet! 

When Chef Andrew is not cooking, he enjoys hiking with his puppy Cocoa along with a really good sandwich, "cut on a bias".

Chef Andrew can't wait to cook with you!