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I have partnered with Anja Lee & Company a couple of times to provide my remote teams with a fun virtual cooking experience. Chef Samantha was very informative and kept the fun going while we made a delicious Thai Green Curry.

Our team also absolutely loved baking the fall inspired pumpkin spice apple crumble with Chef Anja Lee! One of them even said they were going to be making it for Thanksgiving to share with family.

Sophia Garza, 11/29/2022

Anja's team brought our team so much delight and connecting while we were all working remotely. The whole team is fast and detail-oriented, so getting our events set up was always easy and seamless. They are always a joy to interact with and the recipes are straightforward and full of "mmm"s from the team :)

- Jesi Liu, AllStripes

"Anja and her team created really unique virtual experiences for my company's recent virtual Summer appreciation day. 

The particular one I was in involved wine tasting, 3 small bottles sent to the home ahead of the date, and I learned a lot, had fun, and tasted some great unique wines. 

Anja herself has a great personality and she was good at dialogue and interacting with a diverse group of people and with varying experiences with wine"

- Mike J, 8/15/22

"If you want the best virtual pizza making experience for either friends or coworkers this is IT. I was looking for a virtual happy hour of some kind for my team to celebrate the holidays and found Anja's site. Everyone on Anja's team was incredibly kind, very responsive during the planning process, and very thorough with how everything worked. After our virtual pizza class with Anja, several of my colleagues reached out to me asking for more information saying they wanted to do this with clients as well as do another cooking class again. Truly exceptional. Anja is kind, funny, and really leads the class in an easy and professional way. 10 star rating if we could!"

Thanks Anja!!! From the CBRE (Salesforce Account) Team, Pizza Class with All-Out Kits

"The presentation of these kits is incredible - it is clear the amount of thought and effort that goes into them, and when you get one in the mail, it's like your very own present which is what our team loved about the experience with AL&C!" 


"I loved making pizza with Anja! Her positive energy and enthusiasm for cooking are truly inspiring and contagious - it made me see and appreciate pizza in a new light (serious kudos to all the pizza makers out there!). Anja is also very thoughtful, inclusive, and provides the necessary tools for any pizza newbie like me to succeed - all signs of an excellent teacher! I highly recommend booking a team or group event with her as she will surely make your day brighter. Thank you, Anja!"

J.O., Pizza Class with Basics Kits

"Small business, California based, female owned - what more could you want? Anja's passion for what she is doing shines through every class, making you feel like she is in your kitchen with you which is exactly what you want out of a virtual event like this!"

Isabel Hildebrandt, College of the Desert

"My team of 7 co workers across the US had the best time doing the pre-recorded pizza making class this week. We received the ingredients ahead of time all nicely labeled in a box with pre-portioned ingredients to our homes with information to access the class video. I was honestly a little nervous about the logistics of a pre-recorded class, but it was AWESOME and so easy. Being able to pause and chat or to rewind and re-listen was so fun and helpful. The pizzas turned out better than I could have expected and I have extra dough to make more pizzas this week. The feedback following the class was great and we all feel that we have honestly learned a new go-to recipe/skill. Thank you so much Anja and team!"

- Lauren Brasch, Pizza Class Video with Basics Kits

"We were really grateful that Anja went above and beyond to create a personalized cheeseboard map for the boards we had sent out as a gift to our team. It made the event feel more personal to be able to work with AL&C to customize the experience to suit our goals for the cheeseboard class!" 

Blue Diamond Growers

"Anja has a knack for virtual entertainment - once you work with her, you will never want to look for another vendor again!"

- Amy Anderson, Beyond Trust


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