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My Favorite (Mostly Red) Wines Under $30!

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I'm a big believer that you can find an excellent wine for under $30 if you know a few tricks. In the future, I'll publish my tricks, but in the meantime, here are 9 of my favorite red wines (plus 1 sparkling) that run under $30 in America. If you like what you see, make sure to follow me on Instagram for more tricks and let me know in the comments! 

•Roederer Estate $27 I'm typically a European-wines-first kind of gal, but this sparkling wine is always impressive and does the job for a great price. Made champagne-style, it's perfect to sip any or to use for a celebration! 

•Priorat (Ritme) $25A lighter-bodied red grown on Noble vines up in the hills, this wine consistently drinks deliciously, great to pair with any light tomato dish!

•Tinto Graciano (Nava-Sentero Guerinda) $27I love Graciano, and when it says "Tinto" you know it is ready to drink! A more naturally grown wine, with 14.5% alcohol, it's sure to warm your insides and your spirit! (Wine selection of the month at Plumpjack Wine & Spirits in San Francisco)

•Beaupere Boljolais Villages $27This wine goes down so easily, it's like water (without tasting like water!). It's a light red wine with low alcohol content so you can enjoy that extra glass guilt-free.

•Chinon (Domaine de Beausejour) $21You see this one more often, and it is a great find. A GSM blend that pairs with almost anything.

•Vacqueyras (Domaine Fontaine du Clos) $25My go-to for a medium-bodied, earthy red wine that comes from a region that always produces the most delicious Côte du Rhone style wines!

•Rosso di Montalcino (Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona) $28This is one of those secret gems that I order every time I see it - made with gorgeous, light-bodied Sangiovese grapes, it is made just next to the famous Brunello region - tasting just like it without the fancy name!

•Vino Nobile di Montepulciano $29 A wine of my heart - made from Sangiovese grape and ALWAYS crisp, medium-bodied and soft on the tongue! If you know me, you know this is a top favorite!

•Etna Rosso DOC (Ghiaia Nera) $26Made up high on the volcano Mt. Etna, you get some wild earth in this wine! It's tasty and smooth, but will keep your taste buds dancing. I highly recommend you try a Mt. Etna wine!